Media Analysis


The image above is a book cover for H.G Wells ‘The War Of The Worlds’. The components to the image that make up the book cover give a clear understanding to the reader of what is going to happen in the story. There are three colours to the cover itself, red, black and white, the use of these colours gives the image and eerie atmosphere. The use of red in the image is striking and pulls in the eye, having the sky as a blood red colour could infer many different things, in relevance to the story itself it signifies that doomsday is coming, with death, war and destruction following in its footstep. The use of the black silhouette of the skyline can connote the barren land that will be left behind after a culling. The use of the white can show that there is still hope and that at the end the problem will be resolved.

In the middle of the cover you can see a machine, it’s shaped like a typical UFO indicating to the reader that this is a science fiction novel. You can tell it the book will be about aliens because of the single light hitting the three figures coming from the vessel, this is very cliche of alien invasion where a single beam of light hits its prey and  pulls them up into the space craft. The way the alien vessel looms over the city silhouette with its mechanical arms outstretched, this shows that the book will be about an alien invasion, with the position of the alien above everyone and everything else this can show that the aliens have the most power and on the winning side.

The focal point of the cover is the figures that the spotlight is shining on. There are there figures standing under the light. Two male and one female, the girl is harder to spot because she standing closer to the tall man maybe because she wants to hide from the alien or standing close for support because he’s scared, you can see that these figures are probably a family. Because the spotlight is shone on this family the reader can infer that this is the family we will follow in the story. Because they are plain silhouette this suggests that the story is following a simple everyday family in a big situation.

The layout of the cover isn’t very busy with too much going on, it is very minimal with a lot of space meaning the imagery that is used is very striking but still basic. The title of the book almost jumps of the page, the contrast between the white font and the red background draws the eye to the title at the top of the page, the title and name of the author is also in capital letters showing the importance of the title. ‘The War Of The Worlds’ the title explains the whole plot itself it’s the war between humanity and the alien invaders from another planet.


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