Media Analysis (Part II)


When breaking down this image I decided to first start out, by annotating the film poster and breaking each section down to gain a clear understanding of the piece. Overall the poster shows an image of a woman who appears to be a broken shell with no substance within the figure itself, because of the lack of gory and bloody details I can infer that the movie itself was going to be a thriller-horror and not a gruesome horror film; this argument can also be supported by the cloudy black shadows surrounding the figure adding to the eerie atmosphere and adding a sense of mystery to the image itself.

The mise en scene of this image was successful because the dark and eerie atmosphere of the film poster shows the reader that the movie is going to be one of mystery. The film poster has been saturated giving the poster an eerie atmosphere. The darkness surrounding the poster suggests loneliness and is relevant to the title. The contrast between the dark colours uses juxtaposition because the dark black at the very bottom of the poster signifies death however the white above can signify innocence, purity and life.

The main focus of the poster is the single female character in the very middle of the poster; this could show the reader that she is the main character of the film. The woman’s face is crack like a porcelain doll, the edges are jiggered and random, and this could show that the woman is in distress. The fact that it is empty inside could connote that she herself is empty and missing, searching for something. The expression on the woman’s face is one of fear and confusion however she is still an image of beauty with porcelain skin, plump red lips and sky blue eyes. This perfection seems like a curse because like a porcelain doll she is empty and fragile so easily broken.

‘Face your fear’ is a play on words, as the main focus of the poster is a singular broken face. This could also give the viewers a glimpse of her fear. The empty space within her broken face could imply that she is afraid of feeling empty and alone. The title the ‘The Broken is a standalone title. It is then supported by the broken face taking centre stage of the poster. The definition of being of being broken as a person is giving up all hope, it’s about someone being defeated, beaten, overpowered and overwhelmed. These two words sum up the movie either being about the path to becoming broken or the showing of a broken person breaking more.


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