Reflection of my Media Diary (Part II)

After keeping my media diary, I decided to look how I use media further. Because of globalisation and advancements in technology staying in contact with people has become easier than ever, from looking at my media diary I spent a lot of time in communicating with others via social media sites like snapchat, facebook, twitter and so on. Site such as these have rapidly increased in popularity over the past 10 years and have millions of users that log in everyday. Social Networking has become such a success because it gives businesses the opportunity to reach out to a larger audience and potential customers, it is a free service that allows people to keep in touch with loved ones or gives people the opportunity to meet new people as well as the sites being incredibly user friendly allowing its users to find and join groups of people that share interests such as hobbies and fandoms. Being a university student who studies away from home I constantly use social networking because it allows me to stay in touch with my family and friends back home and instantly share photos and messages to each other, it gives me a false sense of actually having face to face physical communication.

From my media diary I discovered that I spent most of my time plugged into cyberspace then I do actually living in reality, I spend more time communicating with people over social networking than I do with physical people in the real world. Many people spend more time on the internet because we have control of how our image is seen and portrayed over the internet, many people only show their best selves on social networking and are obsessed with how many likes they get on their instagram photo and how many followers they have on twitter using it as a form of self validation. People still want to chase the american dream, and since the rise of instagram models, youtubers and viners people see the internet and social networking as a means  to attain the american dream and make their millions, because of this people put a lot of time and effort into their social networking sites as a way to promote themselves, making sure their tweets are the funniest, their photos are the most liked and their following is the biggest. But social networking comes with its disadvantages, it can be addictive and waist time that could be used to do something productive, it also allows people to spread false and unreliable information about events or people, employers now use your social media accounts to see if you fit the criteria for the position as well as it being a platform for cyberbullying that has now become a growing problem in our culture.

From reflecting on my media diary I have discovered a better insight into how we consume and produce media and the advantages and disadvantages of social networking.

My Media Diary –


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