Media Convergence: Week One – Television.

In both of these readings, I looked into both old and new media. In the first reading Jenner talks in deathly about Netflix and its success. the way in which it’s set itself up for success, by encouraging binge watching and staring cult followings, making Netflix become one of the newest and most popular was to consume media like television series, films and documentaries. In chapter two of Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide media scholar Henry Jenkins talks about how the interest reality television is taking the world by storm. Before the rise of reality television, the selling and marketing of brand were so much harder because the methods before isolated a television show to stick with one brand that usually didn’t catch the eye of the viewer. Wasting money with well-placed product placement and isolating the show from doing product placement with another company. Jenkins writes “The experience should not be contained within a single media platform, but should extend across as many media as possible” (p.69) This method allows advertisers to gain more popularity because, in reality television media corporations are selling a real life person given them the ability to utilise that. This can be seen in big figures like the Kardashians, whether its product placement in there shows or brand sponsorships on their Instagram account they have created a following of people who want to be like them. Fans become more involved with the different brands and may even become “Brand advocates” (p.73) themselves as spreading their new-found love to friends and family advertising it further to a group of people that might not have been reached before. “Participation within such communities does not simply reaffirm their brand affiliation but also empowers these groups to assert their own demands on the company” (p.80)


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