Digital Futures – Nintendo

Nintendo is one of the worlds largest video game and electronics company all over the world and has remained a household name since the creation of games like Super Mario, Pokemon and The Legends of Zelda.  Founded in 1889 Nintendo is now Japans third largest grossing company with an estimated market value of $65 billion USD. The company has helped change and shape the way we consume and interact with games from producing handmade hanafuda cards (Japanese playing cards) in its creation to producing the latest and must-have consoles and games for the consumer.

Nintendo is a household name that prides itself on releasing family-friendly products suitable for all ages and has had a large impact on every generation in the last 30 years with big console releases like the GameBoy in the late 80’s, The Nintendo 64 in the mid 90’s and the GameCube in the early 2000’s, with the release of a new console with each generation of kids. This has allowed us to become attached to the brand encouraging a nostalgic quality which is why Nintendos transition to mobile gaming with Pokemon Go was so successful.

With mobile gaming taking the world by storm and predicted to take up almost half of the video game industry in 2020, more traditional gaming companies are taking notice and beginning the transition to mobile gaming. However, no other company has been as successful and Nintendo was with the release of Pokemon Go. Released on the July of 2016 and the height of the summer. The game encouraged people to get up and get outside, helping to combat obesity and challenging the narrative/ stereotype that people who play video games are lazy. It was something new that changed the way people interact with video games, changing the way the consumer traditionally consumes this type of media.

Augmented reality is taking the world by storm by placing augmented elements or fantasy elements directly into the real world environment, this interacts with the consumer in a different way to the traditional storytelling of video games and enhancing the world around us, bringing a hidden world to life. Which challenges the other latest development in gaming technology which is the virtual reality which completely disconnects a consumer from this reality and puts them in a different one. Since the success of Pokemon Go, Nintendo has continued to produce and develop new mobile games alongside there typical console and game releases.

The latest addition Nintendos mobile gaming experience is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp which was released earlier this week. This mobile game is also based on another one of Nintendo’s game series Animal Crossing which already has a large fan base. It is a tasked based game and players level up by creating friendships with their campers, the game carries many moral messages like encouraging players to share, give praise to others and to think about the other campers needs before your own. Since it’s creation Nintendo have continued to produce inovative family friendly content and create a safe platform for both children and adults alike.




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